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Elisabeth Coffey
Wedding Officiant and Celebrant

About Me:
I am a Celebrant specializing in weddings, Civil Unions and Vow Renewals. I am well versed in the art of creating custom ceremonies, be they traditional or unique, interfaith, multicultural, secular, or spiritual.

As your Celebrant, I will regard your ideas about your wedding with an open heart, a creative mind, and an aesthetic sensibility. I will work with you to create a ceremony that is an authentic expression of your personal values, traditions, and beliefs. I bring a spirit of enthusiasm and sincerity to being a Celebrant.

I will meet with you as a couple to understand your hopes and ideas about your wedding ceremony. I will use your words and sentiments about your unique love story to guide me as I tenderly craft the ceremony that is just right for the two of you.

My training in worldwide approaches to wedding rites enables me to enrich your wedding ceremony with beautiful cultural influences and religious traditions. I will help you to add some original and inventive touches to your one of a kind ceremony or add some depth and flourish to a traditional wedding.  

It is my mission to create and perform a wedding ceremony for you that conveys a distinctive depiction of your journey together as a couple. I will provide you and your guests with a momentous and truly heartfelt wedding that everyone will remember. Many will say it was one of the most meaningful and original ceremonies they have ever attended.

I am a native New Yorker, which makes me naturally comfortable with international culture. I love learning about the history, traditions, customs and cultures of others. As an experienced social worker and educator, I have worked with all kinds of people from varying way of life, and I have been trained to listen carefully and ask the right questions. My training in social work and education has informed my work as a celebrant and gives me a distinguishing perspective that is invaluable in serving my clients.  

I became a Celebrant because I believe that meaningful ritual and ceremony are a human right that every person is entitled to regardless of belief or non-belief, whether they belong to a house of worship or not. Every person should be able to have a wedding ceremony that is truly meaningful to them.  

As a wedding minister who is not affiliated with a specific religious tradition, I am not restricted by any conventional wedding ceremony restrictions. There is no counseling requirement or church membership involved. I have the autonomy to create a very secular wedding that is made warm and personal by elements of your choice.



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